Why Premium Diagnostics?

Accuracy and efficiency

At Premium Diagnostics, we understand that thousands of decisions you are faced with every day can be challenging. With our advanced technology designed for accuracy and efficiency, our solutions help you realize the transformative impact of trusted results.

Our service 1st objective

Premium Diagnostics takes the well being of its customers very seriously.

  • If they are elderly and require help, staff is available to give them a hand.
  • If they are disabled, priority service is given to accommodate them.
  • If they have young children, an infant’s room is ready for kids to get busy in. A caretaker is responsible for this room at all times to keep your kids safe.
  • We aim to keep the waiting time less than ten minutes for all our patients.
  • Our well knowledgeable receptionists and customer service representatives are always ready to offer help.
  • We make sure our lifts are in working order and emergency exits are clearly marked.
  • Even after closing times, our helpline is there for your convenience around the clock.


Prime location and accessible parking

For convenience and easy access to our center, we have chosen Mall Road, Saddar, the most prominent and prime location of the whole city. It has excellent public transport routes and sufficient parking space for private cars. We also have priority parking spaces for those who are disabled.

Online reporting facility

Premium Diagnostics has also revolutionized the way of delivering test reports. With our online reporting system, you can directly login to our website and get your test reports, from the comforts of your home or office. This has really been a breakthrough in the healthcare industry where customers’ convenience is our top priority. One can easily use a laptop, tablet or Smartphone to view test reports.

Complete diagnostic facilities under one roof

Premium Diagnostics provides the full range of medical diagnostic facilities all under one roof. We offer testing facilities in cardiology, neurology, gynecology, respiratory, radiology and dentistry. Other than this, we also have four fully equipped laboratories where intensive investigation takes place in order to get accurate results.

Technologically advanced

In the health care sector, having old or obsolete machines can be life threatening. Premium Diagnostics offers the most technologically advanced diagnostic testing and imaging services available. Thanks to our up-to-date technology, we are proud to state that our test results are as reliable as those from Shaukat Khanum or Agha Khan Hospital.

Brand new reliable equipment

No renovation or restoration can ever beat the results of brand new, imported and technologically advanced equipment. Our machines such as Abbot ci8200 and Cell-Dyn Ruby have been recently imported from Eurpoe. We have a skilled team of lab technicians who are expert at getting the best out of these machines.

Expert and experienced staff

The personnel we hire at Premium Diagnostics are fully skilled, qualified and are very proficient. Our team has been hired on our service 1st objective. They have been trained that the customers need has to be fulfilled no matter what. They are expert professionals at what they do and have learned never to compromise on quality.

Swift test reports

We believe in delivering results before the expected time. In order to get timely reports, our lab assistants and doctors often work around the clock to get your reports to you within the stated time. All our receipts have a time and date mentioned clearly, so you are fully aware when you will get your results.

Convenient appointment times

Our center is open for walk-in customers from 8 am to 11 pm, Mondays to Saturdays and from 9 am to 5 pm on Sundays. Moreover, if you would rather book an appointment before coming, you are most welcome to book one for yourself on our website. This is to reduce your waiting time.