Our Machines

It is vital for quality diagnostic centers to have latest technology apparatus to achieve accurate results. Premium Diagnostics is a brand new setup and has the most modern and advanced equipment and machines. We believe in maintaining our devices properly to get the most out of them. Following is a list of all our main machines and equipment:

X-Ray Machine

Ultrasound Machine

Pathology lab

Pathology lab





For Cardiac Emergencies

Dental Chair



Siemens Digital X-Ray

Mindray 3D & 4D

Architect ci8200 by Abbott diagnostics

Cell-Dyn Ruby by Abbott Diagnostics

Ram Medisoft Group. Model 870 A

Quinton 4000

Comen CM 300 ( Electrocardiograph)

Vivid S5 n

Defibrillator by Nihon Kohden Corporation

By Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co. Ltd

Spirolab Mir

Hyfrecator2000 by ConMed

Our Pathology Laboratory is equipped with the latest machines, a few of which are described below:

Architect ci8200

The Architect ci8200 Integrated System combines the Architect c8000 and the Architect i2000SR to provide clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing in one package. It has been manufactured by Abbott Diagnostics. It offers Immunochemistry in a single platform with multiple benefits. By delivering fast, high-quality STAT results, the Architect ci8200 makes it easier than ever for laboratories to handle complex workloads. The Architect ci8200 Integrated System provides laboratories an integrated testing module that’s specifically designed to improve laboratory efficiency and turnaround times.

Cell-Dyn Ruby

The Cell-Dyn Ruby Hematology System brings high technology to the medium-sized lab by Abbott Diagnostics. The Cell-Dyn Ruby uses MAPSS technology to enumerate and differentiate white blood cells and provide the performance needed for patient samples. Additionally, the instrument uses optical laser light scatter analysis to provide both red blood cell and platelet counts. The Cell-Dyn Ruby Hematology System can process up to 84 CBCs and differentials/hour. MultiAngle Polarized Scatter Separation (MAPSS) laser technology provides enhanced first-pass efficiency, with accurate WBC enumeration and identification using 4 angles of light scatter on up to 10,000 cells per dilution.